Stop persuading yourself that it’s okay to do something you WANT to do that isn’t totally selfless

Sometimes it’s just about making yourself happy.

I recently published an article about going into debt for travel. The basic premise was that while travel comes at a cost, the value of the learning far greater outweighs the monetary sacrifice – money that could be spent on important things, like your kids or mortgage for example.

And isn’t that great?

The resulting learning and growth from travel makes the money spent more worthwhile.

But what about just the pure experience, or just the pure desire to go?

Above all else, is life not about the journey? You could argue that everything we do is not to achieve something, while that is a wonderful and praiseworthy feat… In fact, maybe life is just about doing things, seeing things, being places, loving people. Maybe life is just about living.

peace yoga pose

But we get so entangled in living wellluxuriously, even – that we sometimes lose sight of what it’s all about. We obsess over our work; we stress over the bills; we search for dream jobs and dream paychecks; we struggle to save; we slave to save. We believe we have to achieve higher successes before we can revel in the joy of what we’ve already accomplished. And in believing so, the desire to be happy is lost to an end goal.

The sad irony of it all is that we eventually find ourselves so miserable in aiming to be happy.

I’m not sure there will be champagne and streamers at the finish line – perhaps there will be. But what I do know is that a life well lived is a life fondly remembered. And what better to have accomplished than to have lived – seen, done, been, loved – to have lived in a manner that allowed us to be happy, a life that promoted happiness.

Master George

So, travel, and travel often. Let it be a way of life. Not just to travel, but to do things often, which please us and simply make us happy. Enjoy the little things, the little moments, celebrate often, and make yourself smile.

Happiness and the satisfaction of getting what you want is cause enough to make your move. Your joy, your contentment, your peace is important too.

peace garden walk

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