Stop waiting for the next best thing and live your moments now

That “next thing” will be here before you know it

It was one week until I would hear back. I’d hear the news and either celebrate or pursue another path.

My mind filled with visions of how I would react to the news I wanted to hear, and pushed back the thoughts of how I would feel if I didn’t. I cringed at the thought of waiting five, six, seven more days until I would hear the news. I cringed, it irked me, I wanted to be there already.

And then I stopped.

Was my life really so dull that I could agonize for seven whole days, holding my breath, life on pause, to hear someone tell me something I didn’t know would be good or bad? I drifted back outside of my body, watching myself drop, hearing myself complain. My impatience made me realize how sad it was that I could dedicate seven days to simply waiting, passing the time, obsessing over what was yet to come.

It struck me – my life should be more full than that, than one where I could simply wait for each next crowning moment. All my days should pass by swiftly, because they are so full of life and progress. Life shouldn’t be about drifting forward to something, dragging heavily along. Yes, we make goals and those are important. It’s nice and necessary at times to have things to look forward to, achievements to celebrate, milestones to await. But as we wait, and as we climb, it’s important also to not get so caught up in getting somewhere that we totally miss the journey, that we totally pass our lives.

How often do we sit there impatiently waiting for the next thing to come, for the next event to happen?

How many moments have we already lost just waiting and hoping for the next thing, the next week, next year?

There are ordinary times and extraordinary times in our lives, but the ordinary ones still shouldn’t fall so dully that we only see them as passages to something greater. Every moment should be something we look forward to and feel blessed to have. Every day should count for something – it should bring us closer together, closer to our goals – it should be as full of life as it can be. Even the days where work is long, and the free time is short, we should cherish all of it so much so that seven days from now, you’ll wonder where the time had gone and find that the call came much sooner than you expected.

Stop waiting for the next best thing.

Live your moments here and now.


4 thoughts on “Stop waiting for the next best thing and live your moments now

  1. great thought!!! actually most of us end up doing this…waiting for weekend to come, and then waiting for monday to come, and then waiting for something else…waiting is what takes life away from us!

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