In short, I’m a wife, a mother of two, and an individual who loves to explore and take advantage of every opportunity I can find.

I have found much success in the working world, and as I read articles and comments of people searching, struggling, and two inches from giving up on the job system, I am moved to share my stories – wins and fails. From initial contact to getting hired, young as I am, I am excited to share the one consistent factor in all my wins.

And as I continue to progress in my career – whether it’s as an employee, entrepreneur, businesswoman, and everything in between – I will continue to share how to get exactly where you want to be, at every stage of the evolution of your goals.

I got into the university of my dreams, landed each of the internships I wanted, and found my perfect match in the professional workplace, which now allows me to live the exact work-life balance I had envisioned for myself. And as my new goals present themselves, I diligently and passionately work towards achieving new heights and envisioning and predicting new wins.